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Syncopated Conversations is an ongoing research in Dance Composition in connection with other areas. It started with studies on different methods of Dance Notation and expanded into Graphic Design, Music Notation, Visual Arts, Architecture, Communication and so on. The idea is to generate creative tools for Dancers, Choreographers, Composers, and use them in the development of their work.

>> dance perspectives

Direct and indirect gestures, free and bound flows, fingertips leading or arm surfaces guiding. Those are some terms used in modern dance, especially in the Jooss-Leeder Method, traditionally taught at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. They can inform so much about the quality and precision of a gesture and establish a very assertive communication in the mediation of dance. But what happens to a movement when we make a variation in perspective, like changing the front? How does a movement change, when switching from Frontal to Sagittal Planes? What about a change of levels, how does it influence the path in space of a gesture? 

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